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Under California law you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you are injured due to a work-related injury or illness while you are on the job. Your injury may have occurred on a specific date or cumulated over a period of time from repetitive work. If your injury is determined to be work-related, workers compensation insurance which is carried by the employer, pays for your medical treatment, and pays you disability benefits which are a portion of your regular salary while you are unable to work.  If necessary, this coverage also provides for future medical care.  When you have received the maximum benefit from your medical treatment you may be entitled to a settlement based on the amount of permanent disability that is remaining.  Insurance companies use many arguments to avoid paying out on these claims. It is important that you immediately report your accident to your supervisor or to whomever oversees your work location.  If possible, put all the information as to when and how the accident occurred in writing, and keep a copy.  You have one year from the date of your injury to report your injury.  However, if you report your injury after you are terminated, the insurance company will have an absolute defense to your claim. The owner/ or manager of the business where you are working should refer you to a physician to check your injuries once you report it.   You should not give any statements to an insurance carrier concerning your injury when you are not represented by an attorney. Rho Law Group can assist you in obtaining appropriate medical treatment while the insurance carrier is processing your claim and will handle all communication with the insurance company. Our law group has extensive experience handling workers compensation claims, and we know the best and most effective methods to deal with insurance companies. We will assure that you receive the treatment and benefits that you are entitled to and handle the complicated process of settling your claim for you to assure that you receive adequate compensation.

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