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"I am very grateful with Charles & his team. They helped my fiancé and I with our accident case, very professional and very informative. He was always willing to go out of his way to help us with whatever we needed. I would definitely Recommend him with friends and family."



"A lawyer who fights like a warrior for his clients! A trustworthy lawyer! Consistent, kind service from the beginning till the end! An honest lawyer with professional knowledge and experience who treats his clients like his own family! Thank you. William & Rebecca"​

​William K.

"I am very proud to say that this law office of Charles Rho Law😊☺️, Have my business for life not only are they effective communicators and help you with paperwork and with the logistics with finding out doctors and scheduling appointments and being on top on your case, I must say it had to be the greatest experience I’ve ever experience with the law office, And the weight over my shoulders about What I have to do next they’re very good and get you what you need and always have your best interest in mind, Not only is Charles a really great help at the front desk with Elsa and the girls in the bag always on top of things I love this office and I Highly recommended five out of five in my book, I can honestly say I will be coming back if I ever need of an attorney or someone to give me advice on what to do in a position where I found myself not to long ago thank you Charles for your time and help and your patience and dedication to get things done the right way and fair, thank you🙏 Abraham Yanez"

Abraham Y.



"I had the pleasure of having Charles work on my case and I’m so glad I went with him! He was very professional, on top of my case and always available when I had questions. I would def recommend him to all my friends and family!"

Vanessa R.


"Last year, I had an accident and rho law group help me out really quickly and accommodate all appointments in to my schedule. With out they help I could not have won't this case. Thank you Rho Law Group for every thing. P.D. they also are bilingual. Tambien hablan espanol."

Esmeralda V.


"I had the honor of having Charles be my Attourney after a terrible accident where my vehicle was a total loss, Charles was there for me the same day I called him and he continued to be there through the process explaining to me each and every step. I was assured by him that everything would work out and it did, Charles #1 priority is the Client, educated, professional and shows compassion and not greed. Dont think about it twice and give him a call...THANK YOU AGAIN CHARLES!"

Gustavo B.


"My respects that you deserve is a good lawyer He is there when you need talk to him, He helping my father and my daughter and me are super satisfied, thanks lawyer Rho Law Group, P, C."

Alfredo G.



"Highly recommend Charles, always gets back to me right away and has made the process with my case very easy. He’s done a great job overall and i’m very pleased with the outcome. Will definitely recommend him to others, thank you!"

Liz L.



"Call Law Rho as soon as you get in a car accident. I highly recommend him and his team. He help you 110%. Very reliable, always answers your calls and is on top of your case. Fast settlement and stress free. Mr. Rho also speaks both English and Spanish."

Mayra L.



"Abogado charles gracias por su grande ayuda. Muy agradecido con usted."

Mauricio M.



I love this law firm! They take pride in giving their client top notch service! Attorney Charles Rho is amazing! He has an exceptional staff as well! Elsa goes above and beyond with client care. She always give her utmost. They are winning 10!!🙌
Nichole K.



Thank you for helping me out with my case I really appreciate it

Christian C.



"Hola mi nombre es Mauricio Bolanos quiero dar las gracias al abogado Charles ropa por su buen servicio y que todo salió como lo esperaba Y también muchas gracias a su equipo que tengan un excelente día"

mauricio b.



"Es un abogado muy profesional muy dedicado a su trabajo y muy amable . Estoy muy agradecida por ayudarme ami familia y mi persona"

Erica M.



"I'm so glad I got this lawyer. I have been with many lawyers but,  he is the best.  He will call you and make sure about the best deal. I thank him and appreciate his hard work. Thanks again Charles Rho. I'm very happy with the check I got. I did expect that huge amount.  Thanks again"

Alou M.



Buenos días buenas tardes buenas noches a todas las personas que vean este mensaje estoy 100% agradecido con este abogado desde el momento que yo tuve la entrevista con él sin ti la confianza para poder arreglar mi situación él se comprometió a trabajar 100% conmigo pero al mismo tiempo mi participación fue igual trabajo muy bien y estoy muy agradecido por el servicio que me ha dado lo recomiendo 100% no lo dudé al entrevistarse con el la primera vez Muchas gracias abogado

Julio C.



Muchas grasias  Charles  rho por alludarme con el problema de mi carro

Samuel T.



"A super lawyer I am satisfied rece deserves 5 stars and more. And very friendly and always ready to listen to any questions !!!"

Garay K.



"I was in a car accident a while ago and I called Charles to help me with my case.  Him and his team were able to walk me through every step of of the way. They were able to get me a great compensation. Very happy with their experience."

Javalos 111



"Thank you for your help. Extremely grateful"

Maria E.



"Estoy agradecido por el abogado que me ayudo fue excelente selos recomiendo"

Alejandro F.



"Excelente trabajo muy profecional y conocedor del problemas beun servicio al cliente"




"Gracias charle por eso trabajo. Es muy excelente trabajo"

Marcelo C.



"el abogado Rho nos ayudó mucho en un caso que otro abogado nos abando.

Ricardo R. 



"Gracias por ayudarme con mi caso. Le recomiendo a alguien que ha tenido un accidente. Abogado habla español y le pelea para una compensación fuerte. Buena atención y siempre me contestó mi llamada. Gracias Abogado Charles."

Juan P.

"Great and very helpful."

Legendary C.



"Gracias por su servicio y buena compensacion. Le recomiendo a todos mis amigos. Honesto y pintual. Gracias abogado Charles Rho."

Diego R.



"Gracias x haberme ayudado en mi caso."

Carlos J.


"Thank you to Attorney Rho for helping me with my accident injury. I highly recommend him to anyone who need to get proper treatment & settlement."

Gina K.



"Good law firm I recommend them:

Manuel C.



"Thanks for everything"

abida j.



"Gracias por  sus servicios:

Vicotr M.

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